Calamari – Vegetable Preparation

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to cook calamari and how to prepare vegetables.

    Barton Seaver: Hey, I am Barton Seaver and today we are cooking with calamari. Calamari is one of the Blue Ocean Institute's green list species. They are very sustainable catch. This is a domestic product coming out of Rhode Island, absolutely gorgeous stuff. We are using a fresh calamari and I will be teaching a little bit about that and then in the first segment here, we are going to be teaching your couple of the side accompanying dishes that, that's going with this. It is classic Italian flavors mixed together. So we are going to work on some of the vegetables. Right here in front of me, I have got some red skin potatoes. Now what I have done these is I have just diced them up into small little pieces and them boiled them in salt water until they are just barely done. So you want them just to be tender to the nail or to a fork. We have also done the same with some green beans. Green beans are just snipped into about inch long segments and then boiled, dropped into boiling salted water, cook them for about 30-45 seconds. Now both of these are going to be reheated right when we make the salad. So they will take on a little bit extra heat. Then we have got our furze. Furze is a wonderful green it's also known as Chicory or furze and I have -- you see it often time in salad mixes and through masculine mixes, but I think it has a wonderful texture and appeal to them. If you look at this, it just looks like tree branches in winter. It has got this wonderful bitterness to it which really acts as a stage on so many other flavors. So this is what we have cleaned up and I'll show you how to get there. You have got these bitter outer green leaves on it. So just take a really sharp knife and just come around a little bit. Now a lot of this is wasted product, unfortunately, but a lot of this can go into a compost, but it's just too bitter and the texture is just a little too strong. So and you are left with this tender inner head, cut off the stem and then cutting into pieces here. So you end up with these nice, textured art walls, architecture little lettuce here. So we are going to be using that. Toss the rest of that away. Then we have got some basil. Now this is wonderful young basil so it's nice, rich and spicy and so now we have got our potatoes cooked, our green beans ready to go and our furze cleaned, next, I am going to show you how to make a Basil-Walnut Pesto for the calamari.