California-style Honey Ribs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Laurey Masterton uses honey as a rich glaze in the National Honey Board’s recipe for short ribs. Using avocado honey, this glaze locks in moisture and allows the meat to fall off the bone while adding exceptional flavor.

    Laurey Masterton: Hi! I'm Laurey Masterton, Chef and Beekeeper. Today I am going to show you the National Honey Board's recipe for Easy California Baby Back Rips. This is an old family recipe of mine, and I've replaced the sweetener with avocado honey which is a wonderful rich dark honey.

    The bees make avocado honey by flying to a blooming avocado tree. They collect the nectar from the flowers, bring it back to the hive and make this really wonderful dark honey. And here are the ingredients that you are going to need.

    So we get the marinade started. Combine 1 cup of Tamari and four whole Garlic cloves in a small sauce pan. Here is a really great trick for keeping the honey from sticking to the measuring cup. You just sort of swirl some olive oil around in it. I need a half a cup of avocado honey, look at that beautiful dark, rich color. Then when you go to pour it out it comes out very easily, look at that.

    Then bring the Honey and the Tamari and Garlic to a boil and keep an eye on it because it has a tendency to burn if you're not careful.

    Once it comes to a boil, you turn it down and let it simmer for about 5 minutes. And in the mean time I am going to put a little bit of water in the bottom of this baking pan, just to cover the cover the bottom. Then cover it with aluminum foil.

    Now we'll put this covered pan in oven, 325 for about a half an hour or 45 minutes. So essentially you are steaming the ribs by covering them with the aluminum foil.

    Remove the water from the baking pan and pour on the marinade. Bake uncovered, pasting frequently for an additional half hour or until thoroughly cooked.

    Alright, so now I have taken them out of the oven and I am just going to cut them and present them. If they have set out for just a little they'll be nice and cool. Although, I have eaten this cold and hot, they are really, really good, just set these up for a buffet so everyone can just come and help themselves.

    A little of this wonderful juice, we'll just do a little bit of cilantro garnish. And there you go, that is how you do the National Honey Board's recipe for an Easy California Baby Back Ribs with Avocado Honey. Enjoy!