Calligraphy Flourishes Part 2

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Calligraphy expert Joanne Wasserman adds accents to the page with calligraphy flourishes.

    Joanne Wasserman: Hi, I am Joanne Wasserman and my studio is Wasserman Design and we have been learning the Chancery Cursive Script. It is the Italian -- Italic writing of the Renaissance that is so beautiful. So, lets go on and make some more letters. Some individual letters, you know the V which -- it is another way to make a we, to add an exaggeration or a real long fly into the diagonal. But you can also fly out and you can do that with the W. On such occasions, where that kind of frill really makes it a statement without any other elaboration, the C. Also another -- these are called Ligatures and the T and then R are also a ligature.

    Then just for a few capital letters, I showed you the letters A and N and B and you can exaggerate those if you like. So, here is the seven and a half mark, here is the X height mark here. Well, you could go and exaggerate on your letter I and your letter A and your letter M, very like free form letter. So, those are some of the flourishes you can add to your writing for the Chancery Cursive script and I hope you have enjoyed learning this script and I hope you have a wonderful time practicing it as calligraphers.