Calming Your Newborn

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Dr. Ann Kellams introduces this series on newborn care.

    Dr. Ann Kellams: Hi, my name is Dr. Ann Kellams. I am an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Virginia Health System and I am also a Director of the Newborn Nursery.

    Today, we are going to talk about basic infant care, anything from feeding your baby, changing your baby, taking care of your baby, anything that you need to know as a new parent going home with your infant. The advice in this video will not replace a call to your baby's doctor if you are worried about your baby at any time. So we are going to taking about general principles, general issues and if you have questions specifically about your baby or at anytime concerns or worries or questions please call your baby's doctor.

    I have been in Pediatrics since 1995. Prior to joining the University of Virginia faculty, I was in private practice and General Pediatrics for nine years. I am also a mother of three children myself, they are eight and five and three and breastfed each of them until they were about a year and a half old. I am a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. I am involved in the Academic Pediatric Association and also the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine and currently in addition to being Director of the Newborn Nursery I am involved in a prenatal education program here. So let's get started and talk about basic infant care.