Calorie Burning Circuit Workout

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Vionna Jones, owner of Fit in DC, demonstrates a calorie burning workout circuit.

    Vionna Jones: Hi, I am Vionna Jones with Fit in DC, LLC. I am showing you how to burn calories during the holidays. And right now I am going to show you the calorie burning workout circuit. The workout circuit is made up of five exercises. We will start with Squat, either body weight squat or push press. Then we will move on to upright rows, non-climbers, push-ups, and pass the ball. The exercises are going to be set up in a circuit. Each exercise is going to be one station within the circuit and you will spend one minute, at each station.

    So you will start your clock and then it run continuously throughout the circuit, not taking any breaks in between each exercise. Once one minute is up you will go on and start your next minute at the next exercise. After you have completed all five exercises in the circuit you will take a one minute break. At the end of that one minute break you will go through the circuit again completing the circuit a total of three times. This should take you about 18 minutes and you want to pay attention to your pace, throughout the circuit. You don't want to move too fast because you want to be able to complete an entire minute without taking any break and without taking breaks in between each station. However, if you are moving too fast and you feel like your body needs a break, take a quick break and then we will get started again. Alright, let's begin the workout. So our first station in our circuit is going to be Squat. And we have a couple of level of squats that you can choose from depending upon your fitness level. The first level would be to do body weight squats, so it means we are not going to use any weights, and we are just going to do the squat. So you want to start with your feet a little bit wider than your hips. And with the body weight squats we just hold our hands out to the side in front of you or in front of you this way and you will squat down engaging your abs, lifting your toes just a little bit so you can sink back into your heels. You are going to squat down keeping your chest lifted so you want to straight ahead and then push-up through your heels, squeezing your gluts to come back up. And then you squat down and back up. And you are keeping the shoulder blades rolled back, so that your chest stays lifted. This exercise is working your gluts and your quads, which is the front of your thighs right here. So you can hold your arms here, you could also you arms here, as long as your chest is staying lifted. Level two is to do a Push Press. So for a push press you are going to do the same squat, except you are going to hold weights starting at your shoulder height here. And you can use, depending on. The strength of your shoulders, you can use eight pound weights or five pound weights to start, and you are going to do the same thing, you will squat down, push-up through your heels, this time on your way up you will push the weights up, bring the weights back down and squat back down. So again, you are starting with engaging your abdominal muscles, rolling your shoulders back and pushing up strong through your shoulders on the way up. Doing as many as you can in one minute, going at a good pace so that you don't have to take a break before the minute is up. And then at the end of the minute we will go straight into upright rows. So for upright rows you can use a little bit of a heavier weight for this. This exercise is going to work your upper back muscles. So, you can use a ten pound weight, a twelve pound weight, an eight pound weight. So with the weight down in front of you, as you lift up, you are going to bring the weight up toward your chin, elbows come up, rolling the shoulders back and engaging your back muscles and then lower back down. Lifting up, squeezing in your back muscles and then lowering back down. You want to make sure that your elbows don't stay down here; your elbows are up high, coming right up underneath your chin and engaging your back muscles here. If you would like to add a little bit more to your upright row, you can add a squat. So if your legs aren't too tired you squat down, chest is lifted, shoulders rolled back, bring the elbows up and squeeze between the shoulder blades and then lower back down.

    And again we will go at a good constant pace so that we won't have to take any breaks before our minute is up. Because at the end of this minute, we are going to do some cardio, we will do mountain climbers on mountain climber jacks. You will start on the floor in a plain position, bringing one knee up to your chest and then the other, alternating for one minute, keeping your hips in line with your shoulders, looking straight ahead. To add some more cardio to this level two, you will do three of these, one, two, three, come up, do jumping jack, come back down. One, two, three, for one minute. And then we will move on to push-ups. No breaks. So for push-ups there are several different options for whatever your fitness level is. Option one will be to do push-ups on your knees. With your hands a little bit wider than your shoulders, your body is in a line, you will bend your elbows, bringing your chest down as close to the floor as you can, looking straight ahead and then come back up, abs are engaged. Option two is to straighten out the legs, keeping the body flat, abs engaged, performing a push-up, here. And there are various options, in between you can bring your hands to a table, if doing them on your knees is too easy or if doing them on but doing them on your toes is too hard or if it bothers your wrist, you can hold on to your free weights or perform the push-ups with your hands against the wall.

    The fifth and final exercise in your circuit is pass the ball. For this one you will need a stability ball, which you can buy at any sporting goods store, and a mat. So you will start lying on your mat, your arms and the ball extended up behind you, your legs extending out in front of you. You will lift, lifting your shoulders and your head and the ball off the floor, pass the ball to your knees, lower down but don't touch the floor, come back up, pass the ball to your hands and lower back down. We will do this continuously for one minute. Level two, when you will pass the ball to your legs, this time you will pass the ball to your feet instead of your knees, keeping your legs straight, lower back down and come up, lower down without touching the floor, continuously for one minute. After this you will take your one minute break and go through the circuit again. And these are the five exercises for your holiday calorie burning workout. Next we will talk about stretching.