Can a relationship thrive when one component of this chemistry is missing?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dating and relationship coach Toni Coleman discusses how to know if your relationship has keeper chemistry, including whether or not a relationship can thrive without chemistry.

    Speaker: Can a relationship thrive when one component of this chemistry is missing?

    Toni Coleman: Again, this is something that is going to depend a little bit on the couple. In other words, if you have a very, very strong friendship.

    ; if perhaps there is a strong physical chemistry, that maybe at times one of the partners is expressing that they are a little bit bored, that they are feeling like there isn't maybe enough excitement, there is just not challenge enough or stimulated enough. It might be that make the decision that the relationship is still overall working for me, so I am okay with the relationship. There is no such thing as perfect and certainly many couple say this. For another couple, that particular piece that's missing might be so important to them that they are finding them their mind drifting, they are looking around at other people, they are perhaps with a member of the opposite sex that they work with who is just turning their mind in that way and they are feeling this sort of emptiness with their partner. So it really depends on the couple and I would say that as long as you have some balance of all three or as long as both people in the relationship are okay with what you do have, it is usually good enough.