Can children have strokes?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. Nina Solenski, Stroke Neurologist at the University of Virginia Health System, describes the common causes of stroke including the risk children face.

    Host: Can children have strokes?

    Dr. Nina Solenski: Yes, children can have strokes and this can happen in the context of -- during birth and it tends to happen in the early years of their life. The number one cause is a cardiac or a heart disease. Sometimes that's congenital meaning that you are born with an abnormality in your heart valve for example, or it can be from something that's acquired, such as a disease that affects the heart. They are not very common. For example there are about 3,200 strokes in the United States annually, however you can understand that because they do occur in young children that this deficit that they incur this disability will go on for many-many years. So it's an important problem that we need to address.