Can I hire my own vendor for my reception?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding planner Kay Williams recommends hiring a consultant, rather than a vendor, for your reception.

    Host: Can I hire my own vendor for my reception?

    Kay William: I say to my clients, don't hire your own vendor. Hire consultants because if you hire your own vendor you don't know what a consultant knows. You had no idea. They can talk to you as a regular person, you are not in a business. They can give you all kinds of stories and they don't even get to the reception hall. It's lousy; it's not an appropriate for your guest amount so you need to hire someone professional. There is going to be a talk, the venue talks or the consultant talks to that person so that we can make arrangement in the appropriate fashion.

    So I would just advise do not hire your own reception hall, don't do it because you never know they will say come in, they will jump at your room and you are happy and so it's beautiful there and it is wonderful there so what are the really offering you?

    I mean are they going to give you what you paid for and you are not going to know or know anything after about the signs, it could be aware of stuff, you are not going to know if the back was clean or if there is enough room in there, or if they are allowed a bar, they allow drinking like alcohol you are not going to think the actual questions, you know; the only other thing is that if you don't have anybody and you cannot hire a consultant let's find via list of what you may think extra friends who have gotten married before, I mean I see people who work in the business ask some questions ask them what do I need to ask when I go there.

    Don't go there with no paper and pencils and they will pull in; once they pull you in, you are just sold, you get these pictures here you are looking at and they are wonderful pictures but how do you know from that hall you don't know that, you need to know -- your discussion is going to be what it is going to be. So hire someone that can define and find out for you what the reception hall is all about and what they are offering you as far as package.