Can I prepare on my own for the SAT?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Laura Rheinauer, Associate Director of Educational Connections, gives advice on how to study for the SAT individually.

    Host: Can I prepare on my own for the SAT?

    Laura Rheinauer: You can definitely prepare on your own for the SAT. There are a lot of materials out there, practice problems, prep books. You can even get a bunch of friends together and quiz each other on vocabulary. My only warning with preparing on your own is the motivation factor. It's very easy if you are looking at the prep book and you are looking at American Idol, which one am I going to pick tonight. American Idol often, one is out. So when you prepare on your own just be careful. You have got to put yourself in a schedule say, Monday night from 7-8 O'clock I am going to work on math. It's easy when you have got a class to go to on Tuesday night or you have got someone ringing your doorbell saying, "It's time to work on the essay on Wednesday night.

    " So you can definitely prepare on your own. Just give yourself good strategies and put yourself on a good schedule.