Can we have input in planning our wedding ceremony?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rev. Bill Cochran discusses the input you can have in planning the wedding ceremony.

    Host: Can we have input in planning our wedding ceremony?

    Rev. Bill Cochran: It depends on your Officiants. For instance if you are getting married in a church setting by the Pastor or Priest or the Rabbi at the synagogue, you can pretty much expect that they are going to come in with a fill in the blank kind of a ceremony. It is not going to give you a lot of input, but it still doesn't hurt to ask. There are those who are very open to it, but others just dont really have the time to put into it. Now I am outside of that setting and since I do this full time and there are many others like me whoever you find our self, you can find a wedding officiant close by. We pride ourselves in taking plenty of time to listen to you and to try to design the kind of ceremony you are looking for.

    If any wedding officiant says to you, Well, I have one of several ceremonies, choose the one you want, you would still want to ask them but do I still get some input to change the things around. That will be an important question for you to ask them. But yes, we should listen very carefully to what it is you want and make sure that the ceremony reflects your personalities.