Can you give some examples of good body language for a first date?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dating and relationship coach Toni Coleman discusses the importance of body language, including some good language for a first date.

    Speaker: Can you give some examples of good body language for a first date?

    Toni Coleman: Yes, probably one of the most important things if it's a first meeting is that you look at each other that you make good, clear eye contact and a smile. A smile is just truly worth a thousand words. So, a nice, warm smile, the kind of smile that lights up your whole face, not one of those little half smiles or those little forced smiles, but the real thing. Another great thing is to extend the hand and to shake somebody's hand, but to do it firmly because that communicates something as opposed to kind of that very lose almost feeling like the person wants to pull away. So you want to give a real firm handshake whether you're a man or a woman; make good eye contact, smile. When the person, if you're standing and they're talking and this is a single person that you really find attractive, lean into them a little bit, lean a little forward, keep yourself focused, really pay attention, nod, let them know you hear what they're saying as you ask questions or as they respond to questions that you've asked. Be there with them. All of these are very, very, very positive things and of course its always important to hold yourself as though you value yourself; you're comfortable in your own skin, you feel good about yourself because when you are in that way, people around you feel good about you.