Can You Really Order Healthy From a Fast-Food Restaurant?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    If you’re afraid that eating fast food could ruin your diet, don’t fret. All you need to do is step away from the Big Mac and french fries – there are better options out there for you. Armed with the knowledge of how to order healthy treats from your favorite fast-food spots, you can eat right no matter where you are. Watch the video to find out the best menu items to order from your favorite fast-food joints.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Most of us see eating fast food as a guilty pleasure, but what if I told you, you could actually order healthy off that fast food menu? POPSUGAR Fitness Editor Michele Foley is here to show you how by sharing her fast food ordering secrets.

    Michele Foley: Yeah, letting the cat out of the bag. I mean, sometimes fast food is unavoidable. We know this on popsugar.

    com, a lot of our readers tell us they are out shopping, they are on road trips, they need something quick and easy.

    Matthew Rodrigues: I always eat fast food on a road trip.

    Michele Foley: Yeah.

    Matthew Rodrigues: So let's start with McDonald's, most popular fast food chain.

    Michele Foley: Absolutely! So you are going to skip the Big Mac, skip the french fries.

    Matthew Rodrigues: No nuggets?

    Michele Foley: No nuggets. And instead you are going to get their grilled chicken sandwich, skip the mayo, ask for mustard.

    Matthew Rodrigues: I always do mayo.

    Michele Foley: Yeah. So get the mustard and get some apple slices or salad on the side. It's just right around the 300 calorie mark, it's a great lunch.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Okay, sounds good to me! Now Subway, I avoid it, because I always think there is just so much bread and lot of carbs.

    Michele Foley: Right! So bread is not bad for you necessarily if you are doing whole grains. So ask for whole wheat bread at Subway. Get turkey breast and load the sandwich up with veggies, some mustard, a little vinegar, salt and pepper, just 300, just around 300 calories again.

    Matthew Rodrigues: And the 6 inch, not the foot long meatball sub.

    Michele Foley: No, the 6 inch, the one that helped Jerry. Matthew Rodrigues: Now, moving over to KFC, it's Kentucky Fried Chicken, but we want it to be Kentucky Grilled Chicken, KGC here.

    Michele Foley: Right! So keeping with that grilled theme, you want the chicken breast, it's white meat, so less fatty, less calories. Throw in some sides, mashed potatoes, no gravy, and your personal favorite Matt, green beans.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Green beans.

    Michele Foley: Yeah. And you are looking at a meal here that's like 300, 350 calories, so it's a great complete dinner.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Michele is like my mom, make me eat the green beans. Okay. Moving on to Domino's, they have really changed things up over there.

    Michele Foley: Absolutely! So there's a lot of options now. So if you love pizza, you don't have to give it up. One slice of their thin crust pizza, a 140 calories. This is loaded up with chicken breast, tomatoes, spinach, so you can have two to three slices with the side salad and that's a great dinner right there.

    Matthew Rodrigues: I would eat that whole pizza. That's actually very good. Michele Foley: Yeah, it's delicious! Matthew Rodrigues: You have got it extra crispy, you are golden. Okay, real quick, breakfast. Michele Foley: I love the Jamba Juice, Acai Bowls, they are full of fresh berries and bananas. Acai, which has tons of antioxidants, granola, just one for breakfast. Matthew Rodrigues: Very good! You are making the drive-through that much healthier, Michele Foley.

    Michele Foley: ThanksMatthew Rodrigues: Thanks so much!