Can you sum up the process of finding the right career?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Licensed Professional Counselor Karen Chopra summarizes the process of finding the right career.


    ""$$$$$$$$${hF2j$$jj2$$Gj$$j$Dk8ge]0)-())8$0T"v'$$$223/4$$$jjjj\Karen James Chopra: I am Karen James Chopra. I am a career counselor in Washington DC. And now we are going to talk about next steps you can take in choosing a career that is right for you.

    Host: Can you sum up this process for me?

    Karen James Chopra: The process of figuring out the career that is right for you is really a three step process. And the first step is always - Explore Yourself. Figure out what you are interested in. Figure out what your values are. Figure out what your skills and abilities are and how you might like to put those all together. Then, you go out and start looking at want ads and exploring what is available in the world of work. And finally, you put all of that together and that is when you write your resume and launch your job search. So, it is a three step process - Explore yourself, Exploring the world of work, Put that together into an actionable plan.



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