Candy Buffet Ideas

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Custom candy buffet designer Kristin Crosby demonstrates how to design a candy buffet for your next event or gathering.

    Kristin Crosby: Hi, I am Kristin Crosby from I Do Wedding Essentials. Today we are going to talk about how to set up a candy buffet for your wedding. The types of containers you only use are all going to be glass or crystal; it's good to get a wide variety of heights and shapes. It's good to get lots of pedestals; it makes them look more interesting. For five containers depending no the size of the candy you are looking at a wedding in probably around a 100 people for five containers. So, if you have got a 150 you might want to up it to 7 or 9 odd numbers are good, kind of always decorate in odd numbers. And then as for packaging any type of little take out box or the little plastic ones you can get clear generally I recommend this size because this could hold about a quarter pound of candy. And these also come in different sizes, so you can get the larger size, they are just smaller size. This one we have a little monogram sticker on it. You have lots of different options, with types of candy you kind of want to get a good mix, you want to do smaller things, you might want to do some gummies, maybe something sour, I always really like doing rock candy, because it totally gives a different look to the buffet and it comes in all different types of colors. Ordering things online can get expensive, so thats why I always try to shop locally. But if you want to do nine different candies all in blue, you really going to have to go online to try to find the variety that you want to find. We have got kind of all different shapes and sizes and textures, we have got the nice truffles that kind of melt in your mouth and the rock candy on the sticks thats really bright. Basically all I have done is fill up very container, there is probably about at least six pounds of taffy in this container as opposed to about three in this one. So, do keep that in mind when you are picking your containers. And I have kept my plaster crepe on the jelly beans and I would have also kept it on the rock candy until the very last minute. Because you always have lots of staff walking around, you know putting finishing touches on tables and especially during winter months, you got a lots of sneezing and stuff. So, try to keep stuff covered until the very last minute.

    You can pick whether you want to do scoops or thongs, basically for this one, I am just going to put scoops in pretty much everything for the taffy, you could easily provide thongs, you can either just kind of stick it in like this or set it down at the end of the table. One of the easiest things you can do to dress up the buffet is to add ribbon and labels, to your containers. For the pink and green buffet I probably would have done a white ribbon like this. And then we just have a little tag on the front that says strawberry rock candy on this one. A lot of time people spread out either real or silk rose petals around the table, along with 02:49 just be creative, pick your colors, pick some different texture, have a good time when you are creating your own.