Canoeing – Forward Stroke

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Canoer Byron Bradley demonstrates how to canoe and how to do a forward stroke.

    Byron Bradley: My name is Byron Bradley. I am an American Canoe Association Canoe Instructor. Today we are talking about solo canoeing and we are going to talk about the forward stroke which is a stroke which you use to maneuver your canoe and get it to where you wanted to go. Forward stroke is a very simple stroke. We start off by keeping both hands on one side of the body. We expend that paddle forward to bow of the boat or we place the blade in the water. Once the blade is in the water, we pull the blade back towards us.

    Once it get a hit we allow both the blade to extend behind us. We turned the blade vertical, at that point we are using the blade as a rudder for our canoe. This allows us to maneuver the boat. As we going forward this keeps the boat travelling in a straight direction. We will take the blade out of the water, extend it back to the front of the boat, place the blade in the water, pull the blade through, allowing it come to the rear of the boat, holding the blade in a vertical orientation as a rudder once again, allowing the boat to travel in a straight line.

    So here I will be demonstrating the forward stroke at full speed. Of course, the forward strokes starts, I take the blade, I place it at bow of the boat. Place the blade in the water, pull the blade all the way through to the rear of the boat where I turn the blade vertical using it as a rudder. From here I recover taking the blade out of the water, bringing it back up to the bow of the boat, placing it back in the water to start second forward stroke. The next canoe stroke we are going to work on is called the sweep stroke which will allow us to maneuver our boat.