Canoeing – Reverse Stroke

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Canoer Byron Bradley demonstrates how to canoe and how to do a reverse stroke.

    Byron Bradley: Hi! My name is Byron Bradley. I am an American Canoe Association Paddling Instructor. Today, we are talking about solo canoeing. We are going to cover the reverse stroke. Reverse stroke is a stroke we use to move the boat in reverse direction. We always start our reverse strokes by rotating a torso and extending the paddle behind us. We place the paddle blade flat in the water.

    As we pull the blade from the rear of the boat to the front of the boat, the boat starts to come in a reverse direction. We then extend the blade to the front of the boat with the paddle held vertically using it as a bow rudder. This allows the boat to travel in a straight direction in reverse. Once again, placing it behind me, pulling the blade forward, holding it in its vertical direction, using it as a rudder. So here I will be demonstrating at full speed. I want to thank you for watching my canoeing video. Thank you for coming out. I hope you have learned about paddling a canoe.