Capital Letter Calligraphy – K through N

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Calligraphy expert Joanne Wasserman shows how to write capital calligraphy letters K through N.

    Joanne Wasserman: Hi, I am Joanne Wasserman and my studio is Wasserman Design and we are learning the Chancery Cursive script. Right now, we are doing the capital letters also called Majuscule from K through N. Now, the letter K is also a large letter, so with the letter okay, we would start this way, and I add the flag. Then I can go this way, a little higher than midway for that waist and then I am flattening out the angle of my pen. So that it is not at a 45 degree angle and I am going down there, it is a very large letter. Okay, another way of making the K is a more straight line and I can curve this stroke, instead of making it this way I can make it this way and then there.

    Since that looks so fancy and this top looks so plain, I add a little flourish. Okay, and then the letter L, you will see one, two, now see that is much longer than the letter I, the width of it. Since I have this footed edge, I can go back like this. Just add a little hat if I like, you will find your own way of making these letters that fits your personality and that will start becoming a part of you and when readers see your calligraphy, they will know it is by you, the writer.

    Another way of making an L, if I make this straight is and that is much more plain, so the letter M and the letter N will make, okay. Just I am going to put a little -- it's a small one, coming down right to the point, right to the line. I am actually going over just a tiny bit of the pencil line, and I am taking another stroke I am going down to meet it. When I make this fourth stroke, my aim, my intention is to make the triangle shape that will come from the white space to match this first triangle, not this second middle triangle, okay. So what I am aiming is that this stroke and this stroke are balanced, not this stroke okay. That is just fine as an M as a capital M, it doesnt need anymore curlicues added to it. But if I want to make curlicues on the end, I can go this way and I went way below the line and it is a very big letter. Okay, and then the letter N is more straight and to make it slanted, here -- and another end one more and this time, I will go from the bottom up and just leave it as that. So, these are the letters capital letters A through N and we will do next, the rest of the letters O through Z.