Car Detailing – Dash and Console

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Automotive cleaning specialist Mike Daiuto demonstrates how to detail the dashboard and console of your car.

    Mike Daiuto

    It all started in my early teens washing cars in the back of my fathers barber shop. After eight years in the United States Secret Service, I made an unsuccessful run for the United States House of Representatives in 1980. In 1981, I decided to start my own business, Pro Clean of Tysons Corner, Inc. After 26 years of success, we are still washing and detailing cars from Volkswagons to Rolls Royces and have grown to be one of the largest detailing businesses in the Washington DC area. “It takes more than a bucket and a hose to clean a car”, Washingtonian Magazine, 1986

    Michael: Hi, I am Michael, Pro Clean of Tysons Corner, Automotive Cleaning Specialist for 25 years. Today, were detailing a car.

    Weve done the outside, and put a nice coat of wax on it, done the tires and rims. Weve done the leather seats and the carpets. Now, we are going go on to finishing up, doing the dashboard, very intricate.

    What we need here, get a nice clean towel because weve a cleaned the seats, so we want to put the towel on the seats. So, we dont get dirt seats, all dirty again. Again, we are back with the very, very soft brush, very, very soft. Diluted cleaner, we are down to about a third now, we going down a notch, okay, this is very, very dilute, two-thirds water, and one-third cleaner in this now. Soft towel, two soft towels, if you have them and our good old-fashioned gloves here, Let's get our gloves on.

    Alright, let's get our cleaner here, and get our brushes and everything and we are going to hop inside here, you can sit on the door ledge for a little while. Lightly, very lightly, very light mist, across the dashboards inside the gauges and everything. Take your brush on the leather parts, give it a good cleaning and remember youve already tested this on the leather seat, so you know its going to work okay on there.

    Get every little nook and cranny on here, that you can with that, if you have two, turn the brush around to the other side, which will fit into cracks and crevices. Just wrap the towel around it, it will get you right inside the vents and everything like that. Steering wheel same thing, light little coat, take your brush, give everything a little good shampoo on there. Over to the dash -- the console then were going to move up into the car here, little bit harder, little bit tighter, dashboard cleaned up a little bit here.

    Spray a little cleaner on there, really depends on how dirty it is too, if its not that dirty like this vehicle is, you can get away with just doing some light cleaning on it. Obviously, the dirtier it is, the more use that its had, the more chemicals youd have to use on it, the more youd have to go over.

    Same thing with the gauges up here, we have already got enough on the rag now, get inside each gauge here. Again, if you have to, take the handle stick the handle inside there, goes right down inside the holes.

    You hear people using Q-tips and things like that, you can use pencil, you can take a pencil and put it on to the thing you go into the inside. All of those are very easy. Pretty much it, go to the roof, make sure all your leather up on the roof, this is all leather, so it cleans very, very easy. Thats how you detail the dashboard, roof, sun visors and the interior and thats pretty much how you detail the inside of a car.

    Next, you need a basic window cleaner job and then we spend a few minutes going around and picking it out, and detailing it and dressing the tires and then you are done. You have your car, a showroom condition car.