Car Detailing – Interior

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    A car detailing expert demonstrates how to detail the interior of your vehicle.

    John Crothers: Hi! My name is John Crothers with Stoner Incorporated. Today, we're showing you how to detail your entire vehicle. Now the outside is done, it is time to look at the inside.

    For this you are going to need a vacuum, a carpet cleaner, a vinyl plastic and rubber protecting, a leather or upholstery cleaner. Some clean towels as well as some brushes and may be some cleaning swabs. I find it helpful to wipe all the dirt and debris off your seats and console right on to the floor. A short vacuum with extension hose is a great for getting those hard to reach areas and crevices. If you mats are removable, it might be useful to take them out there. A quick spray of carpet cleaner and a stiff carpet brush will really bring back the fibers into your carpets.

    Upholstered seats can be freshened up with an upholstery cleaner, and a light brush will really bring the fibers out. Any bad smells can be eliminated with the odor eliminator. Leather seats should be cleaned up with a conditioner or leather cleaner. Remember, never use soap and water on your leather. Cleaning your dash and console may be as simple as wiping down with the clean dry rag. If you like to add a little bit of shine or luster, adding a little bit of vinyl plastic, and rubber protectant to your rag will add a little bit of shine. Remember to keep that away from any steering wheel, shifter knobs, or pedals. Anything that controls anything important as it might be.

    Now the interior is done. Your entire car has been detailed. I hope these tips help you protect, and keep your car looking great for years to come.