Car Detailing – Tires and Trim

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    A car detailing expert demonstrates the steps and materials needed to detail your wheels and tires, as well as the plastic trim pieces of your vehicle.

    John Crothers: Hi! My name is John Crothers with Stoner Incorporated. Today, we're showing you how to detail your entire vehicle. The next surface that we're going to look at, are the tiers and the trim pieces.

    To detail these, you're going to need an all-purpose cleaner or a wheel and tire cleaner, a trim shine protectant or a shine product, and a wheel shine or protectant product, also some clean rags that you don't mind getting dirty. Some people might actually prefer to use a tire brush as well.

    If your tires and wheels are especially dirty, it's easiest to clean them while you are washing your car. I'm placing all-purpose cleaner wheel and tire cleaner. Let it sit and it hose it off later. But be careful, any cleaner that you get on your paint, will strip your wax. So just be mindful of that. I find it easiest to let the cleaner do the work. Don't apply too much pressure, or you can lose the luster on your wheels. Make sure your cleaner is compatible with the metal that your wheels are made of. If you are unsure, check your owner's manual, and check the back of the bottles to make sure they're compatible.

    To wash and clean your tires and wheels, first, rinse it down with the water, do everything wet. Then come back, hit it with the few squirts of your all-purpose cleaner, or your wheel and tire cleaner. Let it sit for a few moments. Most of the dirt should fall off. Whatever is still sticking, come back with a clean rag or a soft sponge, and lightly wipe it down. Then come back again, rinse everything else with water. You don't want any cleaner left on your wheels and tires sitting for long. Excess cleaner leftover could etch your tires, lose the luster on your wheels, or it could fling up on your car, and strip your wax. Most tire shine products today are very simple to use. Some are spray and wipe, others are spray and walk away. When using these, it's best to let your car sit for a few moments before you're going to drive it as your tires make sling.

    Sling is when excess product from your tire shine flings up on your car, and these greasy dirty looking marks on your paint, and we don't want that. We just washed the car. Some products are very similar. Spray and walk away, or spray and wipe for a more and new matt finish look rather than a heavy shine. That's it. Now your tires and your trim are detailed. Next, we're going to look in detailing under your hood.