Car Detailing – Under the Hood

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    A car detailing expert demonstrates how to clean, detail, and protect the components under your car’s hood.

    John Crothers: Hi! I am John Crothers with Stoner Incorporated. Today we're showing you how to detail your entire vehicle. Some people also like to keep their engine compartments clean.

    Doing this, will prevent corrosion, and extend the life of your tubes and hoses. To do this, all you need is a few things. An all-purpose cleaner or an engine degreaser, a vinyl/plastic/rubber protectant, a couple of clean towels, and maybe even a detailing brush. Let's get started.

    Make sure all sensitive areas of your engine are covered. Most newer cars already have these covered, but make sure your air intakes and your alternators are wrapped, if they're not already done by the manufacturer. Also, make sure engine isn't hot. Warm to the touch is okay. Hot, you need to wait a little bit longer. I'll like to cover the entire front end of the car in a little bit of water, just to protect it from the chemicals. I'll use a general spray, never direct jets. Apply all-purpose cleaner, or engine degreaser to your engine bay. Let it sit for a few moments. Stubborn dirt can be cleaned with a detailing brush. Then you're going to want to rinse the entire area with plenty of water, no direct jets though remember. Dry your engine with towels, compressed air, or even turn your engine on for a few months, will help try.

    After the engine compartment is dried, apply a vinyl, plastic and rubber protectant to the engine compartment. Also remember the painted surfaces can be detailed with the quick detailer. That's it. Now that your engine is sparkling again, we'll go to the interior, and detail the interior of your car.