Car Detailing – Wax/Protect

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    A car detailing expert demonstrates how to wax and protect your vehicle’s newly cleaned paint.

    John Crothers: Hi! My name is John Crothers with Stoner Incorporated. Today we're showing you how to detail your entire vehicle. After your paint has been cleaned and polished, you're going to want to wax and seal that paint.

    To do this, all you need is an automotive wax from any automotive part store or your local grocery store; a good one will cost about $10, and a lot of microfiber towels. Waxing seals, protects, hides blemishes, and adds depth to your paint.

    Similar to polishing, go one section at a time across your car, allowing some time for hazing and then buffing off with a clean microfiber cloth. Make sure your clothes and your wax are free of debris and contaminants as any dirt or soils in there will end up on your paint causing scratches or damage. If the wax is pure and free of abrasives, feel free to apply it as much as you like. Simply a wax life is anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on your climate.

    For tough to reach areas like around door jambs or trim, I find it helpful to use corners of microfiber towels or even cotton swabs will help getting those tough to reach areas. Similar to polishing, some people may prefer to use orbital buffers to put their wax on. The advantage here is you can put your wax on much faster. There are lots of orbital buffers out there. You should buy a quality one, and follow the manufacturer's instructions. That's it! Now that your car is waxed and sealed, up next, I am going to show you how to clean your windshield and your windows.