Car Problems – Steering Wheel Wobbles at High Speeds

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    John Linden, Master ASE Certified Technician, and North America Training Manager for Midas, discusses what you should do if your wheel wobbles at high speeds.

    John Linden: Hi! I'm John Linden, Master ASE Certified Technician and North America Training Manager for Midas International Corporation. Today I would like to talk to you about some possible causes for steering wheel wobble.

    If the steering wheel shakes or wobbles as you're driving, need to have a check as soon as possible, because it could indicate a serious issue. A shimmy shake or a wobble usually indicates a part is bent, broken or even missing. If the steering will shake when you start to apply the brakes, it usually indicates a break issue.

    Most brake problems need to be evaluated by your local mechanic and shouldn't be dealt with by do-it-yourselfers. If the steering wheel wobble happens while you're driving with your foot off the brake pedal, it could be something as minor as a missing wheel weight. This causes the tire to be out of balance.

    To fix this, the only thing you can do is to have tire checked and rebalanced. Balancing the tire requires expensive equipment and should only be done at a reliable repair facility. If you notice the shaking just after hitting a pothole or curb is most likely a bent part. No matter what the cause of a shaking steering wheel, you should have it checked as soon as possible to help you stay safe on the road.