Car Safety Innovations

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Laura Hubbard with Consumer Electronics discusses vehicle safety innovations.

    Laura Hubbard: Hi! I am Laura Hubbard with the Consumer Electronics AssociationSafe driving starts with the smart decision and technology can help you stay focused when you are behind the wheel. Here are some ways that Consumer Electronics Industry is innovating safety. The smartphone can be a trusted co-pilot and thanks to wireless and voice controlled technology you can tell your phone what to do without touching it. Even if dont have Bluetooth built into your car aftermarket solution helps you control your smartphone through voice command And wireless headsets allow you to make and receives calls without ever taking your hands off the steering wheel. From back up cameras to blind spot indicators CA members are developing devices that give you a better view of your environments.

    Adoptive cruise control and voice aided navigation are already standard in many new models but MECP our Mobile Electronics Certified Professional Installer can add these technologies to older cars too.

    Remote monitoring devices connect you to your car even when you are not in it so you can monitor vehicle performance and service information in real time.

    Parents, you can also use this technology to set safety zones for teen drivers and monitor where their cars are. Some products go even further by limiting cellphone usage and texting abilities while driving and creating incentives for good driving behavior Most mobile phone service providers offer do not disturb options. So calls and texts do not come through when you are driving. Many of the apps are built-in are available as a free download. You can also find solutions that let you physically lock up your phone while still providing connection for hands-free operation.

    The ways we interact with our cars are evolving as well. The next generation of vehicles will include features like Gesture Control and Eye Tracking that can change the temperature or the radio channel with simple movements.

    The Consumer Electronics Industry is innovating safety but remember safety begins with you. Understand your devices, make use of hands-free options, preset your route through GPS and above all stay alert and aware when you drive.

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