Car Service – Checking and Changing an Air Filter

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Andrew Davidson, Master Technician from Currys Auto Service will show how to replace your car’s air filter.

    Hi, I am Andrew Davidson, Master Technician from Currys Auto Service. Now I am going to show you how to check and change your air filter. Checking the air filter -- lets see if we can come up with here and actually remove the bolt on this car. An air filter seems like a very simple thing, but on some of toadys cars they can be quite an issue to get out. So, sometimes it takes a little bit of work to actually get to the battery. These pliers are just actually special pliers made for these plastic clips that are so popular on todays cars. It actually makes a little easier to get down in here, release all the clips on this air filter, so we can see what this filter looks like.

    There we go, so if you look at the air filter on this car, its pretty dirty. This car needs the air filter replaced. You can see all the dirt on here and if you look inside the pleats, you will see where there is a lot of dirt in this air filter. So, this one is probably going to need replacement. Obviously, now youll be replacing this with a new air filter, which I will be doing as well, but I dont have one on hand. So, we will get one of those and this will be replaced.

    How long a filter lasts, its very dependent on the driving condition. If you drive in a lot of dirty, dusty conditions, gravel, dirt roads, the time is going to be cut down considerably versus somebody thats -- who is driving on the Highway. So, I would say you want to check the filter at least every 15,000 and they may need replacement -- most of the time by 30,000, youre going to be replacing the filter.

    Like I said, checking your air filter, it can be a lot simpler than this one or it can be a lot more difficult. So, if youre getting into something that you dont feel comfortable with, you may want to have a professional do that for you. Thats how to check and change your air filter.