Car Service – Checking Your Car’s Fluid Levels

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Andrew Davidson, Master Technician from Currys Auto Service will show you how to check your car’s fluids.

    Hi, I am Andrew Davidson, Master Technician from Currys Auto Service. Now I am going to show you how to check your cars fluid level. Another good thing to do while youre changing your oil and youre under the hood anyway, is to check all your fluids. You look around to see the washer fluid, this is something that just pretty much every time you are going to change your oil, you are going to want to refill this, because obviously its consumable, so its going to be low, if you use your washers.

    All your other fluids -- many of todays cars, the reservoirs are clear, so you can actually see the level without even removing a cap, like on this power steering reservoir I can see that the fluid level is fine. You never want to remove a radiator cap when its warm or hot, okay. This has an overflow tank, you can actually look in and the level there looks fine. Your break fluid obviously -- well, most of todays cars are reservoirs clear as well, so you can look at the level, okay? Level there looks good, most of these reservoirs have a minimum and a maximum level right on the outside of the reservoir. This is just a good time to take a quick look under the hood and even if you dont know exactly what you are looking at and you are not a mechanic, you look for anything out of place that obviously looks like, it might be problem and its maybe you should take to shop to have checked up. Take a look at the belt obviously we see the fraying or something coming apart that is a problem. Just take a good look around under the hood and make sure nothing looks out of place and thats how you check your cars fluid level.