Car Service – Replacing Engine Oil

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Andrew Davidson, Master Technician from Currys Auto Service is going to show you how to refill the engine oil.

    Hi, I am Andrew Davidson, Master Technician from Currys Auto Service. Now I am going to show you how to replace your engine oil. Okay, in this step we are going to refilling our engine oil. What you are going to want to do, probably before even start this job, is to find out what kind of oil your car takes. A good place to find that information is in your owners manual, most of the time theyll give you an oil specification and a capacity. For this particular car it holds five quarts of oil. You can use either synthetic or standard oil. Some cars do require synthetic, most are either way and its a personal preference type of thing. Synthetic oil generally lasts longer and it is -- cause less wear to your engine. On the flip side of that is, its also probably 2-3 times the cost, so thats something you might want to check into. What I am going to do now, is I am going to fill our oil container with the five quarts of oil that this car requires. Now, one thing that is important as much as under filling your engine can cause damage, overfilling, and many of todays cars can cause just as much damage. More is not better when it comes to oil; you want to put in the proper amount. When you are doing your oil change, another thing you are going to have around some clean rags that clean up any small spills that you might have, absorbent pads or "kitty litter" type of oil absorbent, in case you do have a spill, because if you spill oil, you need to make sure that you clean up the spill and properly dispose off it and the oil that you drain out of your car. This oil doesnt go in the trash; you need to take it to a recycling facility. A lot of gas stations and some repair shops will take your used oil. You just want to make sure that you dispose off it properly. Now when you are filling it, you may not have a container like this, you may just be using a funnel, so thats something else you might want to have, is a funnel, maybe something like this or similar, in order to obviously keep the mess to a minimum.

    At this point we are going to reinstall our oil cap and that should do it for filling it up. Thats how you replace your engine oil.