Car Theft Prevention Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    AAA share their tips for preventing vehicle theft.

    John Nielsen: Vehicle theft rates have been declining for several years, but motorists should always remain cautious when locking their vehicle. To prevent the theft of your vehicle, follow these basic prevention methods. Keep your keys in your control, remove keys from the ignition and take them with you when you leave your vehicle. Always lock your vehicle and never hide a second set of keys in the car. Where your car is located can effect its risk of theft. If you have the ability to park your vehicle in the garage, do so and keep it locked up at all times. If you are park in a lot choose one with an attendant. If you park in a public area, look for spot that's well lit.

    When you walk away from your car make sure it's secure as possible. Completely close the windows when parking and do not leave valuables in plain sight. Never leave your vehicle running even if you only be gone for a minute.

    A thieve can simply toe your vehicle away, so park with your wheels turned toward the curve and use the emergency brake to make toeing more difficult. If your vehicle is rear wheel drive, backing into your drive way will also make toeing more of a challenge. In case of theft there are a few actions you can take to make recovery of your car easier for the police. Text your vehicle identification number on the windows and major parts and engrave expensive accessories like car stereos. Even dropping business cards of address labels inside a vehicle door can help assist law enforcement in identifying your vehicle or parts. Being alert and taking these simple steps to protect your car can help prevent a vehicle theft from happening to you.