Car Washing – How to Clean Your Tires and Rims

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mike Daiuto from Pro Clean demonstrates how to clean your tires and rims.

    Mike Daiuto

    It all started in my early teens washing cars in the back of my fathers barber shop. After eight years in the United States Secret Service, I made an unsuccessful run for the United States House of Representatives in 1980. In 1981, I decided to start my own business, Pro Clean of Tysons Corner, Inc. After 26 years of success, we are still washing and detailing cars from Volkswagons to Rolls Royces and have grown to be one of the largest detailing businesses in the Washington DC area. “It takes more than a bucket and a hose to clean a car”, Washingtonian Magazine, 1986

    Hi, I am Michael, Pro Clean of Tysons Corner. Today, were learning how to wash a car.

    Weve already got the body washed, now we are going to go to the tires and the rims. To get your bucket set up, put about 8 ounces of strong detergent again, 409 or Fantastic in there in your bucket and then fill it up with about halfway up with water, and you get your suds again and here they come and thats really all you need. You are ready to go.

    First thing we want to do, let's get all wet down. Always keep everything wet, put a lot of water on it, then use any full strength cleaner, 409, Fantastic, anything like that in a full strength, spray the black, the rubber part first and then inside the rims and if you are doing all four of the rims, spray one, go to the next one, go to the next one and by the time you come back around to this one, it sit there a little while to dissolve some of the dirt and things like that, and its ready to clean.

    If you have an open wheel like this, spokes as we call it, get a spoke brush, very cheap, very inexpensive, very easy to clean. You can get all the way into the back. Getting the back cleaned like that, and please make sure you have your gloves on. These chemicals are lot stronger than the other chemicals. Get another wash mitt, usually what we use is an older one, we dont use same one on the top. Get the tires scrub, get inside the rims, inside the lug nut area and get everything cleaned.

    Another part that a lot of people miss, little tip, the edge around here, and when you are done, one quick swipe around like that and that will keep that clean. You can use the tire rag on that because thats usually where gravel and tar things would be on there. Do not use this stuff on the body of the car. If you have white walls, you want to use a stronger brush, because you are going to try it, you are going to get that white wall cleaned or a white lettering on there.

    You are going to do a scrubbing like that, basically thats what it is. Its ready to be rinsed off. Make sure you get inside the rims, inside the lug nuts, get all the soap rinsed off of it, its a stronger soap, so you want to make sure, you get it all rinsed off. If you can get a pressure washer, you can buy an electric pressure washer at any of the home supply stores for $50 on sale, works great on these things. Thats pretty much it, so now we are going to dry the vehicle down, get it all dried.