Car Washing – How to Vaccum and Clean Your Car’s Interior

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mike Daiuto from Pro Clean demonstrates how to vacuum and clean your car’s interior.

    Mike Daiuto

    It all started in my early teens washing cars in the back of my fathers barber shop. After eight years in the United States Secret Service, I made an unsuccessful run for the United States House of Representatives in 1980. In 1981, I decided to start my own business, Pro Clean of Tysons Corner, Inc. After 26 years of success, we are still washing and detailing cars from Volkswagons to Rolls Royces and have grown to be one of the largest detailing businesses in the Washington DC area. “It takes more than a bucket and a hose to clean a car”, Washingtonian Magazine, 1986

    Hi, I am Michael, Pro Clean of Tysons Corner. Today, were learning how to wash a car.

    Now, that we have got the body and the tires and rims washed, we are going to go inside, so let's get the inside cleaned.

    First were going to vacuum, best thing you can buy is the shaft back, again very inexpensive, you can buy them anywhere on sale, using the crevice nozzle on there for the floors and the carpets. Using the brush nozzle, for getting in the seats and where the soft leather is, alright. Let's get in here.

    It will be a little noisy. First thing you want to do, put your floor mat out, if its dry, just stuck it on the floor. Its basically like what you do at home, you want to keep it in an area so that you get in every little corner, up underneath the seat, down in the cracks in there, in between the seats, okay, and basically thats all it is, thats for the front. Put your seat back as far as it will go, so you can get all the room in there. When you are done with that, move your seat as far as up you can do it, takes a little while. Bring it up and then do the back, the same way you did the front.

    Put your floor mat out, and just get a good vacuum, every little looking cranny on it, when you are done with that, take your crevice nozzle off, put your brush nozzle on. When you do that, you can get on the seats, in the cracks of the crevices on the seat. Very softly, very easily, put your seat back again. Open up any of the cracks on the seat and down in the inside that, get up on your dashboard here very lightly to get all the little cracks and crevices on there, thats basically vacuuming the car.

    The next step we are going to do, well leave the floor mats to last, the next step we are going to do, is we are going to give it a good damp wipe down, clean towel, thats all you need. Clean towel, get your hose again, get it soaked with water, and just give it a good wringing out, as tight as you can get it, you dont want it soaked, you just want it damp, like that. Come back over to the vehicle, move your vacuum out of here and then you go over all the panels, the leather everything, you are going not going to hurt it, with the damp towel.

    Over the leather get the grips, get in everything in there inside the door, all the little nooks and crannies, you want to get on there. If you have a problem with something, when you are done, you can get your 409 or something, spray it on the rag and give it a wipe down like that, but just a basic dusting, we will get 99% of the dirt thats on there, it will come right off. You go to the inside, get the cracks on the leather seats, the chrome parts and everything, but the biggest you want to do, I usually sit on the ledge here, get the dashboard, inside the gauges, steering wheel, and just all the nooks and crannies, around the shifter knobs and all those things.

    Youd be surprised, what you can do with the damp towel, if you have someone that smoking, you obviously get the ashtrays out and get that cleaned up and everything. But thats pretty much it for doing the inside, just a nice good dusting and getting everything cleaned and giving it a good wipe down. Thats pretty much how you get the interior cleaned.

    Next, we will do the windows.