Cardio Kickboxing – Combination Moves

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional fitness trainer Cheryl Cullina demonstrates some combination moves.

    Cheryl Cullina

    Cheryl Cullina is an accomplished professional in the fitness industry, teaching several different class formats including Cardio Kickboxing. She has been a group exercise instructor for 15 years, completing certifications from the American Fitness Association of America, International Fitness Professionals Association, Les Mills International, and Powder Blue Productions, in kickboxing, step, yoga, weight and personal training, youth and senior fitness, nutrition, obesity, and exercise science. Holding an MBA from Michigan State University, Cheryl is also a computer engineer who, for several years, merged computer technology with the health care and fitness industries by evaluating and integrating evolving computer systems with physical therapy equipment for diagnostic assessments and rehabilitation solutions. Her passion for helping make people well inspired her to coach personal and group exercise classes, enthusiastically motivating all people, all ages, to take charge of their health by safely improving their cardiovascular fitness and body’s energy, strength, flexibility, balance and posture. Cheryl is a member of a Demo Team and has performed at National Health Fairs, Earth Day celebrations, annual Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day, and March of Dimes Walk America.

    Cheryl Cullina: Hi! My name is Cheryl Cullina. This is an intermediate to advance cardio kickbox class, and we call it that because there are some high impact moves in here. Im going to go through a few combinations, things you can put together, shake it up a little bit, have fun with these combinations. Lets start strictly upper body and then we will progressively add in kicks and a little bit of high impact positioning. Remember, your options on the high impact moves, keep it low if you need to. Ill show you the high version. Ill show you the low version. Lets start in right combat stance. Fists, arms in guard, lets take this to a jab, a jab and a cross, remembering all the points, lifting your heel, pivoting the entire body, remember your target zones. No locking of the elbows, extend the arms without locking the joints.

    So, for example there is a jab jab cross, come lets start on to that, a jab jab cross and a roundhouse, jab jab cross and a roundhouse. Alright so, that way we incorporate the lower body, thats one example. Lets take this to a front combat stance now. Once again, as a review, feet a little bit wider, and the hips about hip distance and half a sole apart. We are starting guard. Im going to take this side to side. You can take it low, you can jack it up into a box or shuffle. Here is our step side-to-side, lets take it low to begin, a step touch twice, upper cuts, a step touch twice, upper cuts, a step touch and hold a step touch and hold. If you would like to shuffle this along and get a little more power to those punches with your heel, remember on the punches, drop through your hip, drop through your shoulder.

    So, thats our boxer shuffle side-to-side, just taking a couple more combinations on, boxer shuffle, staying in place, side-to-side. Remember, if you want to keep it low, hips under shoulders and just take it here, otherwise we are in a little bit of a jump. Now, how about a hook, how about a hook, how about a little shuffle, and hook, and hook and shuffle, alright you get the idea of that? Lets take this side-to-side one more time. I want to show you a lower body combination. Keep in mind that if you do a high impact combination, its good to just do that for a couple of minutes and then bring it down lower. Ill show you something lower. I have to re-jack this up, are you ready? Alright knees flex, tailbone down, chest lifted, lets take this off to the side, hold it here, and lets move, and hold, watch my feet, a little change, that scissor we talked about, your option taps, your option taps.

    Now, if you have done that for a minute or two, you need to bring that heart rate down, march in place, always been excellent move to regain your breath. We are breathing through each of these moves thats very important, I know it sounds strange, but so many times we see folks holding their breath. I needed to breath through the moves, relax and let it work for you, couple of moments of that and then how about a march in place or a Bob and Weave. Now, heres your Bob and Weave sequence. Its a dip through the legs, but the entire body is into this Bob and Weave, shoulders are relaxed, we are not leaning forward from the waist. We are setting this low, arms in guard and have fun with that move. Again, a low option a march in place, taps back, and thats a few examples of some combinations you can do with your entire family.