Cardio Kickboxing – Cool Down

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional fitness trainer Cheryl Cullina demonstrates how to cool down after a cardio kickboxing workout.

    Cheryl Cullina

    Cheryl Cullina is an accomplished professional in the fitness industry, teaching several different class formats including Cardio Kickboxing. She has been a group exercise instructor for 15 years, completing certifications from the American Fitness Association of America, International Fitness Professionals Association, Les Mills International, and Powder Blue Productions, in kickboxing, step, yoga, weight and personal training, youth and senior fitness, nutrition, obesity, and exercise science. Holding an MBA from Michigan State University, Cheryl is also a computer engineer who, for several years, merged computer technology with the health care and fitness industries by evaluating and integrating evolving computer systems with physical therapy equipment for diagnostic assessments and rehabilitation solutions. Her passion for helping make people well inspired her to coach personal and group exercise classes, enthusiastically motivating all people, all ages, to take charge of their health by safely improving their cardiovascular fitness and body’s energy, strength, flexibility, balance and posture. Cheryl is a member of a Demo Team and has performed at National Health Fairs, Earth Day celebrations, annual Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day, and March of Dimes Walk America.

    Hi Im Cheryl Cullina. This is our intermediate and advanced cardio kick box class. I want to take you after that workout into a cool down, little bit of toning and some stretches, alright. So, we are going to finish off by bringing down the heart rate just marching in place, maybe a little walk forward, a little bit walk back and just ease it on down. Arms below the heart, legs lower, then you would do in the middle of the class, bring it on down, quite yourself down. Maybe walk out wide and then an easy lunge, side to side, and then whole center, have a seat, come on down into a squat, on to the floor and abs is a perfect way to finish off that tough workout. Lets take it through a couple of crunches.

    On your backs, feet at the floor, legs hip distance apart, fingers lightly behind your head, chin in lower back to the floor, if its working overtime in arching up, think about just gently pressing it down into the floor, chin in once again, and then all the work is in the core of your body. So, as well as all those moves we performed in the class, excellent abs, working out the front of the body all through the powerhouse around to the back, chin in, looking between the knees for the crunches, obleeks, crossover to one side, elbow or shoulder to your knee and of course we want to get the other side done. Remember, before you come down to the floor, I want that heart rate normal, you should be able to talk in a normal tone of voice, before you lay on down. Here are a few stretches to consider as we finish this off. We worked a lot in a quad today. Its important to stretch out the back of the leg, the opposing muscles group, heels high and a stretch from your heel all the way down through your hip, taking care not to lift your hips off the floor, you want that tailbone on the floor.

    Alright, once again, knees soft, never locked out, and into the chest, and remember you want to take that on, on both sides. Here is a stretch for the quads, on your side, knees one on top of the other, heel back carefully. The front of the leg, the hip reaches forward and you will feel that, take the time to feel that in your hip flexor in your quad. As we move on up through the legs, an excellent stretch here, once again for the hip flexor. Hips tucked under your shoulders rather than setting them back and arching the lower back, we want to keep the spine in neutral, leaning into this front kneel of your ankle and feel the stretch to the front of leg, it feels fantastic. And as we stand, here are another couple of options for your back. Lets take this, hands to the thighs, set it back into your heels and if that heart rate is truly normal with your hips, another good stretch for your hamstrings, finger tips to the floor if you can get them there, if not, dont worry about it, take it here and each time you do this, you become more flexible.

    Now, we worked a lot through the upper body. Lets take on a shoulder stretch, Elbow pushing out, hand moving the elbow back towards your body, shoulders relaxed. Once again we will take on both sides. Here is an option for the bicep stretches, remember we worked the biceps, particularly in the body punches, alright thumbs back, roll the shoulders, stretch out the chest a bit, and there is a stretch for the biceps, triceps stretch, nice and high, elbow up, chin to your chest, relief through the back of your neck and then with your head. How about ear to one shoulder without lifting up the opposite shoulder and the other side just feel the stretch and relaxation between your ear and your shoulder and there is our cool down. I hope you enjoyed it. We have taken you through some moves here for cardio kick box class today, from the warm up through our basic and intermediate punches, lower body moves, including kicks and high and low impact options and cool down some toning and a stretch out. I encourage you to do this at home or find a club near you and have fun, thank you so much.