Cardio Kickboxing Stretches

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Kickboxing expert Cheryl Cullina demonstrates four basic stretches you will want to do after an invigorating cardio kickbox class, then recaps punches and kicks.

    Cheryl Cullina

    Cheryl Cullina is an accomplished professional in the fitness industry, teaching several different class formats including Cardio Kickboxing. She has been a group exercise instructor for 15 years, completing certifications from the American Fitness Association of America, International Fitness Professionals Association, Les Mills International, and Powder Blue Productions, in kickboxing, step, yoga, weight and personal training, youth and senior fitness, nutrition, obesity, and exercise science.

    Holding an MBA from Michigan State University, Cheryl is also a computer engineer who, for several years, merged computer technology with the health care and fitness industries by evaluating and integrating evolving computer systems with physical therapy equipment for diagnostic assessments and rehabilitation solutions. Her passion for helping make people well inspired her to coach personal and group exercise classes, enthusiastically motivating all people, all ages, to take charge of their health by safely improving their cardiovascular fitness and body’s energy, strength, flexibility, balance and posture.

    Cheryl is a member of a Demo Team and has performed at National Health Fairs, Earth Day celebrations, annual Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day, and March of Dimes Walk America.

    Hi, my name is Cheryl Cullina and I'm a cardio kickbox instructor. This video is about basic cardio kickbox techniques, and remember that after you've done an invigorating cardio kickbox class, you want to stretch. So, lets take this just to a couple of stretches, and then we will recap. Quad stretch; knees together, stretching out through the quad. Of course you want to get both sides. Shoulder stretch for all those punches and to workout through the shoulders. A chest stretch, several options on these stretches, this is just a couple of them. Hands pressed down, relax the shoulders, open the chest a little bit more. A hip flexor stretch; pick the back heel, drop the hips, feel the stretch through the back of the leg, triceps lift up and over. A bicep stretch perhaps here, and lastly hamstrings; hips square on, sitting back a bit, toe pointed down or lifted, feel the stretch through the back of the extended leg. So, let me recap. We've gone through four basic punches; the jab, the cross, the hook and the uppercut. We've gone through four basic kicks; the front kick, the sidekick, the roundhouse kick and the back kick. Your warm up is a gentle move with slower punches, and then as you progressively move through the class, the punches and kicks get a little bit quicker, and the class gets a little bit more intense. We end with some stretching, and that's basic techniques for cardio kickboxing. Thank you so much.