Cardio Kickboxing – Upper Body Moves

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional fitness trainer Cheryl Cullina demonstrates upper body moves.

    Cheryl Cullina

    Cheryl Cullina is an accomplished professional in the fitness industry, teaching several different class formats including Cardio Kickboxing. She has been a group exercise instructor for 15 years, completing certifications from the American Fitness Association of America, International Fitness Professionals Association, Les Mills International, and Powder Blue Productions, in kickboxing, step, yoga, weight and personal training, youth and senior fitness, nutrition, obesity, and exercise science. Holding an MBA from Michigan State University, Cheryl is also a computer engineer who, for several years, merged computer technology with the health care and fitness industries by evaluating and integrating evolving computer systems with physical therapy equipment for diagnostic assessments and rehabilitation solutions. Her passion for helping make people well inspired her to coach personal and group exercise classes, enthusiastically motivating all people, all ages, to take charge of their health by safely improving their cardiovascular fitness and body’s energy, strength, flexibility, balance and posture. Cheryl is a member of a Demo Team and has performed at National Health Fairs, Earth Day celebrations, annual Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day, and March of Dimes Walk America.

    Cheryl Cullina: Hi! Im Cheryl Cullina. Lets go over some additional upper body workout moves for our cardio kick box class. Lets take this into a right combat stance, guard position, if you really want an excellent workout for the shoulders, pretend there is a speed bag hanging from your ceiling, take this into a circular fashion. One armed, both arms, up over your head, shoulders relaxed however. Make sure the shoulders dont start to lift up around your ears. We want the shoulders relaxed, so that we can work them safely and carefully. Faster you go, the harder you are working, the more toning you will get done. Thats our speed bag.

    Remember, take it on, on the other side as well. Lets talk about a body punch. This time hands, still into fist, guard position. We are going to drop the arms by our sides. Low into the leg and then give your opponent an excellent blow right below the ribs. Palms up, send it out retract, your biceps your contracted on this. So, in addition to a bicep curl, which might you with waist, this is another way to get those biceps worked body blows, right to the mid section of your opponent.

    Now, if some has thrown a punch at you, here or there you may want to defend yourself. Here are a few blocks. It is an upper block, arm right across the forehead, in case somebody is aiming high, either with their arm or their foot, other arm back by your side, and then a side block. Careful on the side blocks, this is why this is called an intermediate or advanced move.

    We want to start and guard, bring the arm out to the thigh to block a circular kick or a circular punch. Taking care to limit the range of motion, so that the elbow does not extent back beyond the shoulder, or side block take it on there.

    So, there you have additional upper body moves, speed bag, the body punch, and a few blocks. Have fun with those.