Caring for and Disposing of Your Christmas Tree

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Christy Beal, owner of Eclectic Nature Gift and Garden Center, discusses how to choose the perfect Christmas tree for your holiday season including types of Christmas trees including how to care for and dispose of your Christmas tree.

    Christy Beal: Hello! My name is Christy Beal. I own Eclectic Nature Gift and Garden Center. Today, we are talking about how to choose the perfect tree for your home this holiday season.

    Now, we are going to talk about caring for your tree once you get it home. You should make sure that you always have fresh water in your stand which means you should probably check your stand every couple of days. If the tree has been cut fresh and cut properly, it should probably need water every couple of days and also remember, don't ever put your tree by a fireplace or by heat vents. This is a huge safety issue. The heat vents are going to dry the tree out a lot quicker, and of course it only takes a few seconds for a tree to go up in flames.

    On a green note, make sure when the holidays are over that you contact your local re-cycling center, and find out how to properly dispose of your Christmas tree. Well, that just about covers it all. I want to thank you for watching and have a wonderful holiday season.