Caring For Loved Ones With Alzheimer’s

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Senior Advisor Mary Alexander shares simple tips for taking care of a Senior loved one with Alzheimer’s.

    Mary Alexander: According to the Alzheimer's Association 4.

    5 million Americans are presently living with Alzheimer's disease. Often a senior with this disease give become abusive, verbally, and physically, which further compounds the incredible stress for the family caregiver.

    To help you better understand and care for a relative suffering from Alzheimer's disease we recommend you follow these guidelines.

    First read about the disease and its effects so you are prepared as it progresses. Second, instead of trying to correct a person with Alzheimer's disease ask them simple questions about their statements, even if they seem strange or are about a person who is no longer living.

    Third, help the person by prompting or killing them to do things for themselves when possible, you will need to step in if your relative safety or well-being will be compromised in any way.

    Fourth, enlist the help of family and friends to spend time with your senior loved one to give you respect.

    Fifth, investigate enlisting the help of a professional care-giving service for the everyday tasks. So you can spend time with your loved one and appreciate them.

    Certainly caring for a senior loved one with Alzheimer's is challenging. There are a number of helpful Internet sites including the National Alzheimer's Association and Lisa's Place where you can find more information, help, and guidance.