Carolina BBQ – How to Make Coleslaw

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Expert chef Mike Hedrick demonstrates how to make coleslaw for your Carolina bbq.

    Michael Hedrick

    Mike Hedrick was born on the banks of the New River on the North Carolina Coast. He grew up on BBQ and Pulled Pork was some of his first solid food. After years of growing up as a country boy camping and cooking Mike began Grilling and Barbecuing. After years of cooking for family and friend Mike began his ongoing passion to make the best barbecue in the world. In his first season on the National Barbecue Competition Circuit Mike's Pit Pirate BBQ Team had an amazing Three Top 10's and a 3rd Place Overall Pork at the National Capital Barbecue Battle on Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC. Mike is now the proud Owner/Chef of Pit Pirate BBQ and does Catering from 50 to 500 and also Concession Sales and is currently looking for a Restaurant location. Knowing that serving is more than food Mike organized "Operation BBQ for Our Troops: Walter Reed and collected up donations and and got other BBQ Teams to come and feed 500 of the wounded Soldiers and their Caregivers. When asked by the Assistant Secretary of Defense Health Affairs why he would go to such efforts Mike said “That sir. Seeing the smiles on their faces…the lord says to go and serve, and BBQ is just what I do.”

    Mike Hedrick: Hey guy, Mike Hedrick; Pit Pirate Barbeque, working on that award winning Carolina bbq. You cant just cook up a bunch of meat and not satisfy everybody. So, you want to go ahead and get some sides cooked up. One of the best ones, a nice refreshing one is vinegar based coleslaw. I like a vinegar based coleslaw versus a mayo based coleslaw mainly because most times around the sunshine and mayo, you could have a little bit trouble with that.

    So, what we are going to do is we are going ahead and make up one fresh. I want to go ahead and chop it up well. We could do it fresh or you could get your friends, this is bag of coleslaw stuff and put the ingredients in there. How much love is in that bag though? We are going to go ahead and make this fresh. So, I want to go ahead and chop it up, I probably got about a half of a average size cabbage. So, we've got about three cups here. You can see I finally chopped it up but not too fine. I like a little bit of grid to it.

    I like to go ahead and add in about one cup of the red cabbage. Not only does it give a flavor and a little bit of visual, but it also gives a just a little bit of a crunch and a little bit of a bite. You want to go ahead and do about another cup of chopped up carrots. I use some baby carrots and we chopped them up kind of fine, but again not too fine. I'd like to have a little bit of crunch or munching out a little bit. I got myself about quarter of some green onions.

    So, we are going to go ahead and toss that in there and we are going to go ahead and get that mixed up. I like using my hands. You get in there you can kind of work it around. That way when you are feeding people, you are telling them, you know what I made all this with some really good love. Just for you.

    We are going to go ahead and use our little mixture thing here. So, we can stir it up and we are going to use three tablespoons of some apple cider vinegar. You try to want to be as accurate as you can. People always add a little extra here and there, but I think you'd be stick pretty close to the recipe you are going to get a better short of having it right. Remember, it's those variables, if you add a little bit too much and a little bit too much there.

    Two tablespoons of some nice virgin olive oil, we are going to do two tablespoons of our sugar and then you do about a quarter cup each. Do a nice little -- maybe not a whole quarter cup, a quarter teaspoon actually of black pepper, quarter teaspoon of some nice sea salt. I say if you salt it up right now you don't have to as much, when you get done again.

    A quarter teaspoon of your dry mustard, I like the Colemans. Learn how to measure in your hand. Get your teaspoon, again like we said, pour it in there, see what it looks like. That will save you some time and also make it look a little bit more like a competition bbq chef.

    I am going to do a quarter teaspoon of some celery seed. You could add caraway seed, that's not really my favorite. Then what you want to do is you want to get that mixed up really good. Get that oil and that vinegar and all the ingredients mixed up really nice.

    Pour that in here in our nice cabbage and carrots and our red cabbage and our green onions. I'll tell you what you add a little bit on top of your Carolina pulled pork and it got just enough of an acid base in there to just kind of clean your pallet and be really good. So, next we are going to do is we are going to go get that pulled pork off there or the pork off there and get it all pulled up.