Carolina BBQ – Preparing Pulled Pork

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Expert chef Mike Hedrick demonstrates how to prepare pulled pork for your Carolina bbq.

    Michael Hedrick

    Mike Hedrick was born on the banks of the New River on the North Carolina Coast. He grew up on BBQ and Pulled Pork was some of his first solid food. After years of growing up as a country boy camping and cooking Mike began Grilling and Barbecuing. After years of cooking for family and friend Mike began his ongoing passion to make the best barbecue in the world. In his first season on the National Barbecue Competition Circuit Mike's Pit Pirate BBQ Team had an amazing Three Top 10's and a 3rd Place Overall Pork at the National Capital Barbecue Battle on Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC. Mike is now the proud Owner/Chef of Pit Pirate BBQ and does Catering from 50 to 500 and also Concession Sales and is currently looking for a Restaurant location. Knowing that serving is more than food Mike organized "Operation BBQ for Our Troops: Walter Reed and collected up donations and and got other BBQ Teams to come and feed 500 of the wounded Soldiers and their Caregivers. When asked by the Assistant Secretary of Defense Health Affairs why he would go to such efforts Mike said “That sir. Seeing the smiles on their faces…the lord says to go and serve, and BBQ is just what I do.”

    Mike Hedrick: Hey guys, Mike Hedrick, Pit Pirate Barbeque. We are working on that award winning Carolina bbq. Right now, we are going to go ahead and do some pulled pork.

    Pulled pork really starts off with what they called a Boston Butt or a butt. It's really a pork shoulder. If you would look at a pig, you could get a whole shoulder which would be the upper part and what they called the lower picnic area or you can have cut into two pieces. At which point you will either get what they call a Boston butt or a picnic. We went ahead and got a Boston Butt, I like this it's a good cut of meat. You'll find some folks that will go ahead and take this and do a lot of fat trimming. I don't worry about that because as the bbq cooks, we are at 250 degrees cooking, as the meat rises to get to the temperature that we wanted to be finishing up at, which is probably close to 200 degrees internal. Once it hits about 160 degrees, the fat in the pork is going to start to render, which means it's going to start to melt away and run away, that's going to leave the texture of the meat and those fibers just loose and falling apart that's the pulled pork.

    That are lot of ways to get our rub we make our rub that we worked on little bit earlier. Get a lot of ways to get it stick. One of the most tried and true recipes is just some great Frenchs yellow mustard, spray that on there everywhere. You could see I am wearing gloves because anytime you are working with raw meat, food safety is the paramount. You really want to make sure that you do a lot of cleaning of your area. You want to do a lot of washing of your hands and that kind of stuff.

    So, we are just going to go ahead and take this Frenchs yellow mustard and rub them all over there really good. I don't worry about too much on that fat side. That fat is kind of doing its own thing. I am going to go ahead and pull this glove off, so I can get my dry hand into my dry rub and then as I put it on, well this is where you get into another debate.

    I could either put this dry rub on here and really work it into the meat and rub it in, some people would say or I just kind of put it on there like you see that I am doing. I am of the school that I don't like to do a whole lot of rubbing on the meat. I believe that it kind of clogs up the pores and it doesn't allow the fat to come out and the good flavors and the smoke to go in. So, now that I got this thing rubbed up, we are going to go ahead and put this on the cooker. Once we got it on the cooker rolling it about 240-250 degrees, she is going to need to cook for about an hour and a half to two hours a pound. So, this one here is probably going to run maybe 14, maybe 16 hours. So, let's go ahead and get the same on the bbq cooker.