Carving the Eyes and Mouth of the Pumpkin

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Gardening expert Cary Nalls demonstrates how to carve pumpkins, including how to carve the eyes and mouth.

    Hi, I am Carrey Nalls. I am here at Nalls Produce in Franconia, Virginia. We ve picked out a pumpkin; we ve cleaned it out. Now it s time for us to have the fun. The fun really gets started with it now. We are going to bring this -- try and bring this to life. Now, that the top is off, we are ready to actually go to work on it and this is going to be a traditional pumpkin that you d put a candle in on the front porch or wherever and there is a first eye there, and let s see what we can do here? There is a second eye there and you can see that it s starting to take shape right now. Now it needs a nose. That will be on the small side for this one, see it s here. Now, it s got to have a mouth. I have a -- least he has one tooth anyhow. We are going to give it just sort of traditional looking teeth, not allow us for his fangs or anything, looks like this pumpkin is going to end up being a happy one. Sometimes, they aren t, sometimes -- but this is not going to be a mean looking pumpkin and I am not sure that this is going to work out quite like I had planned, but we will know in a second. Sometimes when you cut the mouth out on a pumpkin, it s easy rather than trying to take it all out in one time, just get your outline cut out and then take it out in pieces, as opposed to trying to take the whole section out at one time. If you reach in the back of pumpkin just push it out, after you cut it, you can usually -- you know, not always, usually make it work, but& As you can see now, I have just finished carving the mouth into the pumpkin and its got some detail to it, but not lot as pretty to do. It s not an exact pattern or anything that you would need, this is all just free hand, just cut it out as to what looks good for you. I think this one probably will get some ears and then we ll go to the ears next, then we ll show you how to light it up.