Casting Jigs Into Deep Water Brush

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Expert crappie guide Chris Bullock shows us how to cast jigs into deep water brush.

    Chris Bullock: Hi! I am Chris Bullock, expert Crappie Guide, here on beautiful Kerr Lake otherwise known as Buggs Island Reservoir.

    What I want to talk to you about today is casting jigs to deep water brush. Once you found your brush pile and locked it with boule you have to establish the depth that you want to jig to come over to brush.

    If it's 10 foot, then my sink ratio is one foot per second. You want to count down the desired depth and then start your retrieve. My gear ration or my reels is 6.

    1:1, therefore I know it takes about four seconds for complete handled revolution so my jig comes back leveled instead of coming up to the surface or down. At the same time I always watch your line to see if you can detect a strike. Sometimes you don't feel it, you'll just see your line jump just a little, that's when you need to set the hook. And that's how you cast jigs into deep water brush.