Cat Agility Training – Stairs and Jumps

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jill Archibald, cat agility trainer from the Cat Fanciers’ Association, talks about teaching your cat to do stairs and jumps in the agility course.

    Jill Archibald: Hi, my name is Jill Archibald. I am the Cat Fanciers' Association Feline Agility Coordinator. Today, I'm going to show you basics of feline agility training. Now we're going to show you how to practice at home on the stairs and the jumps. If you have stairs in your home you really have an advantage, because you can leave your cat up to stairs and down the stairs with a lure. Once they get that idea they are pretty well good to go. If you don't have stairs at home, you can get them at any pet store. The kind of stairs they used to help your dog get upon your bed, just get two sets, put them back to back and they can practice going up and down, up and down. You can also use any furniture at your home or I like to use the cardboard box. We have got plenty of those. Okay and we're going to go over here and show you how it's done. And I'm going to use a longer toy though it's easier, jump on the box. Good boy. Turn around and come back. Good boy. Here we go, one more time. Get it, get it, get it, you got it! And that's basically all there is to it. Now, I'm going to show you how to practice with jumps at home. The jumps in feline agility are four inches stick which 10 inches and 14 inches high. You can make something of any height, either a rolled up blanket or just cardboard put together, and that will be fine for practice once they get the idea. Getting your cat to jump over things is pretty easy to do. Get them focused on the toy, drag it right over the center, then go over, they will go over they don't need to care if it's a jump. Focus the toy up high, you can even get them to the big jumps. They might want to go around, you just bring him back. Get them focus on the toy again. Now, you don't have to have them go over to tall jumps right away. The small jumps over and over, when they get used to it, then they'll go over anything. So that's how you do stairs and jumps. Next up we'll show you tunnels and hoops.