Cat Agility Training – Tunnels and Hoops

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jill Archibald, cat agility trainer from the Cat Fanciers’ Association, talks about teaching your cat to do tunnels and hoops in the agility course.

    Jill Archibald: Hi! My name is Jill Archibald. I'm the Cat Fanciers' Association Feline Agility Coordinator. Today I'm going to show you the basics of Feline Agility training. Now, I'm going to show you how to do tunnels and hoops as part of your agility training. If you want to practice with a tunnel at home, all you have to do to get the cat's attention, tap the top of the tunnel, and follow down the tunnel and the cat will follow the shadow of the toy through the tunnel. You can get a tunnel at a pet store or a children's toy store. Let's see how this works.

    Here you go. There's the toy, focus, tap the top unless she comes through, okay. Let's go back to the other way. Let's focus. Tap the top. Come right through. Good girl. Go round. Okay, focus. Tap the top. Hey, right through. What a good girl you are.

    To practice with a hoop at home, all you need first is to get a hoop. Any size hoop at the toy store is just fine. At competition you have to have two hands to put the handle first and then drag the toys through. Bring that toy up to the hoop. Handle first. Bring it up. Get them focused. And then go right through. Again drag the toy to the hoop. Bring it up. Get them focused, and right through. Good girl. That's tunnels and hoops. Next up, we're going to show you how to do the weave poles and to put it all together.