Catching the Yellowtail Snapper Frenzy

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In Islamorada, Fl there’s some easy fishing going on. Some say that the Yellowtail Snapper likes to just jump on your hook without much work.

    Randy Towe: One thing special about the Keys is there is all types of fishing from the beginner angular, to the expert angular, inshore fishing, offshore fishing. If you have a passion for water and fishing there is no place like it. When you come to the Keys, whether it is your first time or your tenth time you can always hire some of the best fishing guides and captains anywhere in the world, they are in the Florida Keys.

    Some of the great features of fishing with some of these local captains is they have got everything, they have got to tackle, they have got the robs, they have got a boat that's dependable, they have everything you need to go have them great day on the water without the aggravation of trying to do-it-yourself. And also when you have a nice catch you can bring it back to one of the many local restaurants and have a great meal prepared.

    One of the great fish to catch in the Florida Keys are Yellowtail Snappers. There are abundant throughout the Keys, they're easy to catch for the average person, they're great tasting and certainly a fish that's going to give you a lot of excitement and some fun when you are out there. Nice job. The great thing about Yellowtail Snappers is, it appeals to everybody, everybody that likes to catch a fish, likes the excitement off begin on the water, Yellow tailing is your best bet, its action, it's exciting, and it is excellent.

    Yellowtail Snapper Fishing is probably my favorite thing to do, for a couple reasons. One, I love to see people catch fish, I love to see kids catch fish and get excited and the bottom line is they're the best eating fish we have in the Florida Keys.