Caulking & Sealing-Preparation for Sinks & Countertops

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Construction expert Joe Wise demonstrates how to prepare to caulk and seal sinks and counters.

    Joe Wise: Hi, my name is Joe Wise, owner of Buildwise Construction in Orlando, Florida. Now, we are going to look at some of the problem areas you have on your sinks and how to prep those for getting them ready to caulk. As you can see right here, we have got areas on this that the sink and the countertop, the vanity counter top does not adhere together and you have got some cracks. Just like on the tub, if you allow that to stay like that, water will get up underneath it. It will get into the substrate and tear it up and you will have to replace it. Also, it will build up, get a build-up of mold and mildew which is unhealthy. You don't want that in your home. So you can see we have even got areas where the caulk has turned loose completely. So, that's just not getting any, it's not adhered at all. So what we want to do is just take your utility knife or your razor knife and run around the edges and clean up in the areas that need to come out, just like that. They didn't want to spray a cleaner on it. Don't forget the safety instructions that I gave you in the intro. Don't mix your chemicals. Then my personal favorite brush to use is a toothbrush. It's got nice, stiff bristles and it gets right into the cracks.