Caulking & Sealing-Preparation for Windows

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Construction expert Joe Wise demonstrates how to prepare to caulk and seal windows.

    Joe Wise: Hi, I am Joe Wise, owner of Buildwise Construction in Orlando, Florida. While we are waiting for the door to dry where we did the prep work for the installation of the weatherstripping, I am going to show you some of the common areas in our home that also need to be cleaned and caulked. As you can see up here, we have a crack right here in the jam that has developed. We need to clean that real good and prep it for caulk. It's very similar to what we have done in the bathroom and on the door, but this needs to be done properly and cleaned properly so that the caulk will stick and you don't get any air infiltration in or out of your house. So we are going to spray with a cleaner just like we did before. Then I am going to take my brush, my trusty toothbrush and clean some area. You can get in behind the areas with this toothbrush that you wouldn't get with a big brush. Then we are going to wipe it down. We are going to let that area dry for a while we go back to the bathroom and then I will show you how to caulk properly.