CeeLo Leaves ‘The Voice’

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    CeeLo Green is moving on in his career, leaving his seat as a judge on TV’s hit show “The Voice” in order to pursue other opportunities.

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    Which star of The Voice is calling it quits?


    Looks like Cee Lo Green is saying "Forget You" to The Voice. He's been on the show as a judge since it first began in 2011, but now after four seasons, he's saying he's done with it. The singer, 39, announced in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres that he has a new TV show in the works but that he's not going back to the Voice. But still, he said he'd miss it. Cee Lo also said he was hoping for an opportunity for his own talk show as well. Another reason he's ditching the sing competition show, Cee Lo says, is because of his own music. He hasn't released an album in four years and says he's almost done with a new one. In addition to his new TV show and possible album coming out soon, he's also hitting the road for a tour with Lionel Richie. It's on to new things for Cee Lo Green.


    Good luck to Cee Lo…hmm…is it too soon to ask them to bring Usher back?


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