Ceiling Fan Installation – Installing the Blades and Casing

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Electrician Felix Frontecha demonstrates installing the blades and casing for a ceiling fan installation.

    Felix: Hi! I am Felix from Michael & Son. Today we are going to install a ceiling fan. At this point, we are going to install the blades and casing. Make sure you have installed the bulbs before you install the crystal. That's a very typical mistake, you finish up installing all the crystals and forget the bulbs. This is very clear in your manual. Do not over tie them. This screw up here, as you see there are four screws around. You just have to remove one, then bring the crystal, just find the three screws to ease the crystal and it is going to be secure. Now the last screw is going to make sure that crystal is not going to fall. Make sure all the screws are tightened, do not over tie them.

    Once you have the crystal on, the next step is the blade. Now is the blade. So its one-by-one, do not use electrical drills and electrical screw drivers. Do it manually, you can easily damage the thread. At this point, we have all the blades done. The top light is done, I am going to install the second light. It goes down. Make sure you have all the screws tightened off, all of them.

    Some people use the electrical screw drivers or drills. I don't recommend that. I think you should do it manually. You can easily damage the thread in the ceiling fan. By doing that, the whole fan is ruined. At this point, I am going to make the connections. Its just pretty straight forward, white with white, black with black. The last screw is going to leave the light kit on place. Now finish up, tightening up the rest of the screws.

    Now the bulb. Here is the bulb. Now let's install the last part, the crystal. There is hook in it to help you with the installation.

    Female Speaker: Once you have installed the hook, you can install the light cover without worrying about it falling. Simply adjust the screws on the side of the mount and attach the light cover with one screw at a time. Once the light cover is completely secure, you can turn your power back on and test the fan. You will also want to make sure everything is resting completely leveled after you use it. If so, it has been correctly installed. Felix: Here is our installed and completed ceiling fan. That's how we finish the installation of your ceiling fan. Coming up next, how your ceiling fan is going to save you money and energy.