Ceiling Fan Installation – Installing the Bracket

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Electrician Felix Frontecha demonstrates installing the bracket for a ceiling fan installation.

    Felix: Hi! I am Felix with Michael & Son and here is my partner Augusto. At this point for the ceiling fan installation, we are going to install the bracket. Here is the bracket for your ceiling fan. This is how it comes from the box. You are going to unassemble it, save all the pieces, you are going to need it, just loosen them a little bit.

    Each ceiling fan is different. So you better read the instructions first, before to do it. In this case, this is pretty straight forward. This is how it looks. So this is your bracket. So you have to go up there. The screws doesn't come inside the box. It is supposed to be in the box already. However, be prepared and get them from the hardware store to size them for 832. Different sizes, you better get different sizes. The diameter is 832, that's also the thread. We are ready, so we are going up. If you have previously cut the power into the outlet, we turn off the bracket. So now we are sure, we are safe to do not handle any live electrical wires. So we see here, the ground wire is the bare copper lead. The black, the white, the red. These two, black and red, are the hot ones. This is neutral and this is ground. The red is used for the light. The black is used for the motor. So in your fan, this is going to be hooked up to the motor. This is going to be hooked up to the light.

    This particular fan that we are installing comes just with two colors of wires, just black and white. This is because internally, we have got the receiver. That receiver is going to use the power accordingly because we have the remote control. Most of the fans without remote control comes with a matching collars. Some of them is blue to match their red. Thats the only change. That everything is given in your catalog, that comes with the fan.

    Here is your brackets. The bracket is supposed to go there. So let's mount it. It goes inside, good. We have got the bracket safe. So we are ready to bring the fan up. At this point, we are going to complete the assembling of the fan before going up and hang it over to that bracket. My suggestion at this point is, leave it in the box. I am talking about the motor itself. There is a small part here that can be damaged, if you just put it on the floor. So the safest place is where its comes, right into box, in the same piece of foam where it comes.

    Up here, we want to keep installing. This is a specific motor for these fans, good. This part is unique for this design of fan. So in the market you are going to find endless, different kinds of fans. So each fan is different. Make sure you read the instructions before. In this case, we are going to install these. This particular model of ceiling fan works with a remote control. This remote control communicates with the fan by the receiver, right inside of the fan. In this case, each part, the transmitter and the receiver has got a code to make sure you are not turning on your neighbors ceiling fan or another ceiling fan in the same house. So these code get to match with the one in the ceiling fan. I am going to show you the one in this ceiling fan. Here it looks exactly the same as the one in your remote control. You have got different codes. My suggestion is change the code. The one comes from the factory is all on. Four different switches, all on. So just move one of those. In this case, I am going to turn the third off. So 1, 2 and 4 are on, the 3 is off. I am going to do that the same in the ceiling fan.

    This way this is a unique combination between these two. At this point, we are going to install the downrod. We have got the downrod here. We have already extend the wires, the wire is coming here. We pull them inside, we got them all the way there. We are going to attach it to the fan itself. We are going to remove the safety pin. This pin is very important. This pin will be inside the downrod, when it gets in here. That way we are assured the fan is not going to fall from the rod, all set.

    Now the final adjustment will be done up there. It is very important that the way to extend the wires, the wires that come from the fan to make it longer enough to reach the top part of the outlet. Hire someone qualified to do electrical connections because those connections will be inside the rod. If it fails, you are going to have a shot circuit right in here. It is very complicated to get through it.