Ceiling Fan Installation – Preparing the Parts

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Electrician Felix Frontecha breaks down preparing the parts for a ceiling fan installation.

    Felix: Hi! I am Felix from Michael & Son. Today we are going to install a ceiling fan. Right now, this is the part where we open the box and check all the pieces inside. We check, if everything is in the box. For this, Augusto has joined me. He is going to help us today to do this.

    Here are the blades. There are two collars. We have to determine with a home owner, which collar we are going to use. We got the crystal, the motor. It looks like all the parts are in place. The most important part of all is a manual. So this is very important. Not all the fans are made the same. As a matter of fact, the manufacturer keep changing the fans all the time, they keep redesigning them. So we have to look, there are many parts. Specifically, just for these fans.

    So we have to check how to install them. So its very important to use a manual all the time. This is the bracket. This is the first part we are going to install upstairs right in the outlet. In this case, our outlet is pre-wired, the box up there is ready for your fan. This is one of the important parts that we are going to need to install right here, its a bolt downrod assembly. This is the one that comes in the box, but this is the one we are going to use. Its a long, long one. So in this case, we have to make sure its compatible. So I am going to unassemble it.

    This pin is very important. I want to put it right here. The pin goes right here. That's it, that's it. Then make sure its tight. Downrod ready, this part. Now we are going to assemble the blades. Each blade comes with its own mounting bracket. This is the final product, how its going to look. The home owner selects this color. Usually, you get two colors in the blades. So we are going to use the dark color, thats what we are going to see from the bottom part. So this is how its going to look. Here is the screw and the self-washer, we need them both, like this. We are going to need three of them. One tip, first with your hand, then with the tool. That way you make sure you are not going to damage the thread. That's all. So you continue doing with the rest of the paddles.