Celebrate Kwanzaa – Activities in the Household

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nia Egwin of the United Black Community discusses how to celebrate Kwanzaa including the various activities you can do in the household.

    Nia Egwim: Jumbo! I am Nia and today we are showing you how to celebrate Kwanzaa. In this segment, we'll discuss what to do during Kwanzaa in the household. On each day of Kwanzaa, someone in the family, preferably one of the children, lights the candle for that particular day. After the candle has been lit, the family then discuss the meaning of the principle for that day. Then the head of the household pours libation and the family collectively drink from the Kikombe cha umoja meaning the Unity cup. Then the family closes with seven collective cheers of harambe. Harambe means let's pull together. Harambe!

    After harambe has been collectively cheered, passing of zawadi is next. Zawadi again is optional.

    Next, we'll be discussing what to do during Kwanzaa in the community.